Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am not dead! (yet)

So my apologies for being MIA from blogger! I have been a busy bee, of sorts.

Last weekend included, where I went to Montreal for a bachelorette party. Which was super fun! The day started with a trip to a waterpark, then a great meal and wine, and ended with going out.

The bachelorette party was for my brothers fiancee, and I am super excited for the wedding. (I am a bridesmaid!) Here is a picture of some of us ladies in downtown Montreal getting up to some shennanigans. (We had shirts made for the affair).

Bride to be / future sister in law far left

I will be posting more I promise. Within the next few days I'll try to update you all on the kitty we found (it's a very long story and needs a good update!) and finally post what I recieved for the ATC swap!

Thanks to all still following despite my busy-ness, I will be commenting on all y'alls blogs soon.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Paint party friday once again.

Happy PPF!
I know I said I'd show my ATC that I recieved but it's so awesome and full of stuff I thought I'd save it for it's own post. And today is Paint party Friday so I had to make a post for that!

So first up, it is my brother's fiancee (Amber)'s wedding shower Sunday. (I'm gonna be a bridesmaid yay!) So as I have no money and sure as hell didn't get a Visual Arts degree so I could buy people presents, here is what I painted for her.

If you remember it's her dog Monty from this photo: 

So cuuuuuuuute! Also, although this hasn't recently been painted, I found a painting that I made as a part of some studies for my independent work in Visual Arts a few years ago. I posted it on my Etsy shop for sale too so you should check it out!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So here is the story of a puss named 10K.

Saturday my roommates found a beautiful kitthen cowering by our step all day. So we took her in. They called her 10K (because that day they ran the 10K in the marathon). We had her for a couple days to discover that our 4th roommate who was not home is severely allergic to cats. We were super bummed.

But no one could bring her for a few days so she ended up going back and forth between me and Josh's room, never going downstairs. And we fell mad in love with her. My roommate that is allergic is moving out either the end of July or the end of August, so I think what we're going to do is find someone to look after her for the next few months and then keep her when he moves out.
So today we're taking her down to the Humane Society to see if she's microchipped and get her shots and whatnot. And then I may have an eventual cat!

She is the sweeeeeeetest ever. I wish we could keep her now.

Anyways! I recieved my ATC and I will post it tomorrow. It is super awesome. : D