Saturday, April 30, 2011

Final Grow prompt and Giveaway winner and last weeks response!

Sarah and I have our final week for our Grow project which has certainly come a long way! We of course started it to keep us motivated and making stuff! And some great stuff has come out of it. Not just from us, but other people as well! So thanks for anyone who played along. : )

For the last week we decided to do something big. We're having an Artist trading card swap! Wanna know more about them? Check out one of Sarah's blogposts for more info.

So here's the basics:
- It's a tiny piece of art to be traded and collected, like a baseball or hockey card!
- ATCs MUST be 2.5" by 3.5", no exceptions (then they can fit in those card-collector sheets - cooool).
- You can use any sort of materials: pen, marker, crayons, paints, stamps, stickers, even cloth and string!

 The theme of the cards will be Grow! You can interpret this in any way you wish!

So want to participate? Please do! The more the merrier. : D To participate:
- Email Sarah at atlanticatlantis(at)gmail(dot)com and let us know you want in! (I am leaving the responsibility to her as it will be easier for one person to handle all the e-mails)
- She will then pair people up to swap with one another.
- Send the ATC, and enjoy the unique piece of art that is sent to you!

So contact us by next Saturday (May 7th) to be included! Then Sarah will organize the swap partners over the weekend and get back to you and we can get the ball rolling. So excited!

Now as you know I had a Giveaway posted for one of our prompts.

The winner of the Giveaway is Cat from brideblu!!!
Congrats! E-mail me at with your address and I'll send the painting along to you. : )

Lastly, my response to last weeks prompt! Which was grow your style, make something in a style you don't usually use .
So I never use photography! Well I do to take snapshots of drinking with my friends times or my stuff to put up on Etsy. But through artschool I never touched photography, I did all hands on stuff like printmaking, sculpture and painting. The cost was one part of it, but I also find it a difficult medium. Where it's so easy for anyone to pick up a camera nowadays it's SO hard to stand out from the crowd. And from the people I did VA with, while they were talented artists, when it came to their photography it was good but nothing spectacular. Because so many people do photography.

So I took my phone (as sadly I don't even have a working camera anymore. *Sigh* I miss the times when I had my dads SLR at my disposal) and ventured to the creek with the dog and took some pictures. So sadly they are not the best quality but I was as artsy as I could be!
The funny thing is my dad is a photographer. Well. He works for a newspaper as a photographer and journalist. He's a good photographer too! He also takes some of his own pictures and does photography for weddings. So between him being a photographer/journalist and my mom being a florist most of her life and painting on the side, I guess you can see where some of my creativity came from!

So as you can see these photographs are nothing spectacular. But it was fun! Going out with the express purpose of finding nice things to photograph really gets you looking at things. You realize the beauty in the little scenes around you and you cut our little squares of beauty in everything. I loved the contrast of the yellow of this tree against the blue sky.

And it gave me some good ideas for paintings. So what I might do is take more photographs of stuff and rework them for paintings at home!
By the way this park is two houses down from our house and the creek that runs by it runs by the back of the house. So nice to take the dog there! It's such a pretty spot. I will be glad to be able to visit in the summer.

Here I am throwing out my coffee cup. I thought the colorful trashcan was pretty cool!
So all in all I had fun doing it! But I don't think I'd ever use it as my creative medium. Like I said, hard to do something that stands out. But I hope you liked my little photographs anyways! And of course. I couldn't be all artsy and serious with Monty standing there being so cute.
So cuuute!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will work for food

Soooooooo I painted something that I think is a good expression of how I have felt lately. And I think alot of people my age feel the same way.
I have it for sale on my Etsy shop. I think this also expresses why I think youth should go out and vote on May 2nd. Because politicians will never listen to us until we have a voice. And if we're not voting, we have no voice. I think I will do this larger and do many more similar versions of this. 

Update: Using this for paintpartyfriday as I haven't painted anything else this week. (Hey, I'm moving, cut a girl a break here ; ))
Also check out my Giveaway the draw is Saturday!! And only a couple people have entered so far. 
And pop back Saturday to check my response to this weeks Grow prompt and the Last prompt for Grow!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Magazines and treasuries

I was out in Ottawa applying for jobs today. Blaaaaaaaah I am a perpetual job hunt.

But! I saw this magazine about zines and indie art and picked it up! It's called broken pencil.
That's one good thing about the city, I can get my hands on alot cooler stuff at random! 
I have been too busy to make much art lately. : ( But I am working on the prompt for Grow!

Oh and I was featured in this Etsy treasury.  Check it out there's some great stuff in it! Here's an example by Thebracelettree.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Elections omy

Elections drawing near and look at this madness!!!

Go NDP! (Of course the polls are all over the place but it's great to see none the less). Hopefully this will encourage all of the people on the NDP/Liberal fence who essentially do not want the Conservatives in to actually vote NDP. (I am on that fence myself. But would far prefer NDP over Liberals). Anywho a week and we'll see! 

I have been mad busy, we've had lots of company and am moving soon of course! So sadly I haven't been able to make too much art. But soon I will be in the city and hopefully good things come of it. 

So a couple questions for you guys. Which direction do you think the Canadian election will go? 

And is anyone from in/around Ottawa? (Or somewhere in Ontario).


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 4 Prompt: Grow!

So it's Saturday! You know what that means!

 Week 4 Grow Prompt: Grow "a pair" or Grow your style
 Step outside of your comfort zone. Make art or craft something you normally wouldn't.
This could be media you've never used, a style you've never used, something you have never crafted because you thought it might be too hard, or something you just never thought to do!

And if anyone has any previous prompts finished just let me or Sarah know and well post them! 

Picture by Sarahsmm

And don't forget to check out my Giveaway   from week 2!

Response to grow week 3!!

Here is my response to this weeks Grow prompt! Which was Grown: make art or craft a memory to show how you've grown. (Don't forget to check out my giveaway from last weeks prompt. I'll draw for it in a week!)

When I was home my brother and I were looking through alot of pictures and my brother scanned some. One of my favorites from when I was a kid is this one.

Me pulling on my brothers hair. So cute! Okay so granted I can't remember this actual picture being taken, I can remember looking at it with family all while growing up. It reminded me of all the roughhousing my brother and I used to do (He's 5 years older than me) and we used to fight alot and didn't always get along. Now here we are over 20 years later living together. Who would've thought!

So here is the sketchy I drew from this. (Once again terrible quality, no scanner.) And I also decided to post it at my Etsy shop exemplifying pencil sketches of pictures I could do for people. Good idea?

The only other response I've seen so far this week is Margot plants a tree from memories from her past. She also gives instructions! Check it out here!

So if anyone else has done anything (for this week or any previous weeks) comment on this post and I will post it tomorrow! Also of course it is officially Saturday so you can expect Sarah and I will have a new Grow prompt for you in the afternoon! So stay tuned. : ) 


Friday, April 22, 2011

PPF and more!

Firstly, check out my giveaway for Grow!

Hey it's a new Paint Party Friday! My favorite day of the week. Seeing as how I work in the morn I thought I'd post it now. This is a redone version of an old watercolor I painted years ago and sold. I loved it so much I thought I'd repaint it.

(Once again excuse the picture, I don't have a scanner)
Also on sale at my Etsy shop! Check it out : ) 

Also check out my brother's blog! It's all about innovation, it's some interesting things to put in consideration. 
Anywho Happy Paint Party Friday everyone! Don't forget to stop by Saturday for next week's Grow Prompt! 

<3 Lenore

Thursday, April 21, 2011

On the move!

I won a giveaway! Soo exciting. I won that gorgeous hat from Alanah. Check out her Etsy shop!

Speaking of giveaways, don't forget to check out my Giveaway for our Grow project!

In new news I am moving into Ottawa May 1st! Exciting and scary. I paid the rent, I'm moving in with three guys who seem laid back. I am on the jobhunt for a job in Ottawa now. I hate working at the restaurant here and I'm getting pretty much no hours. So I'm going to hit the city! Wish me luck.

Also a while back I read the book The Five People you Meet in Heaven also by Mitch Albom. (He's the one who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie). I'm not going to say much on it except it's a fantastic book and you should read. And here's a quote I marked because I really liked it. It's about loving someone who dies.

"Love is still love, Eddie. It takes a different form, that's all. You can't see their smile or bring them food or tousel their hair or move them around a dance floor. But when those senses weaken, another heightens. Memory. Memory becomes your partner. You nurture it. You hold it. You dance with it.

"Life has to end," she said. "Love doesn't."

Having had someone that I was in love with die (over three years ago, where does the time go) and aside from that having mortality on my mind so much lately, this passage had me trying to suffer back tears in a crowded Starbucks. Great book, please read!

Also... buy my stuff so I can afford rent? Hahaha. <3

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Response to grow week 2: Giveaway!!!

So, I said I would post my response to last week's grow prompt last night but I was beat when I got home from work. So here it is!

Last week was:
Grow a friendship: make something for someone

And I thought who better to make something for than you guys!! So I'm having my first Giveaway. Excitement. I figured it'd be nice to grow a new friendship. Not to mention, I make stuff for my friends all the time anyways.

So this is a little watercolor on post-card sized cardstock (4"x6"). The picture is terrible because I do not have a scanner (and will not be able to afford one considering my hours just got cut at work >: (). Looks way better in person, I promise.

 So if you want you can do one of many things!
1) Tweet a link to this giveaway or to our grow project (@Lenoracle so I see it) then comment your twitter name here so I know who it was. : )
2) Blog about this giveaway or our grow project. (Comment link here)
3) Make something for this weeks prompt and post the link here.
4) Follow my blog if you already don't (and I will follow back. : )) And comment here that you'd like to be included for the giveaway.

And for each of theses things you'll get an entry for this little watercolor! Anyone is eligible! And I'll add in a little extra surprise with it too, plus a letter in case you want to write back.

I will draw for it April 30th which is also the last day of our grow project. : )

As for last weeks prompt here is what Sarah made. A card for lovely Robyn.

And what Margot made. Cute little bean bags to absorb water from your shoes and things!
And as other people finish things up I will post them too.

Lenore <3

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grow prompt: week three!

Alright, so I do not have time right now to post my response to last weeks prompt for me and Sarah's Grow project today, as I have to run quick and shower and go to work! So stay tuned this evening I will post it. (and if you've done something for it post it here and I will post it with mine! If you're not finished, comment and I will post it later. : )) And remember, you don't have to have done the first two to do this weeks either. And if you decided to do an old one, let us know!

(This lovely grow picture stolen from Sarah)
This week's prompt:
GROWN - craft a memory from your past to see how you've grown!

We've all grown, in alot of different ways. So we thought it would be nice to take a look at how different we were. Pick a memory, or some memories, and make some art or a craft from that! Can't wait to see what some people do, as I don't know alot of you very well so I don't know how you've grown!

Friday, April 15, 2011

PPF, Elections and featured Etsy shop!

Alright so once again it is Paint party friday!!! I have grown to really love these. So this is something I painted last night. I don't necessarily like it in itself as a finished product, but I think it's something I can redo to be awesome. (I honestly do not know where the mouse with the umbrella came from in my head. These things happen.) Also apologies for the bad picture, I am back to Ontario, the land of no scanner.

Don't forget to check out my etsy shop because I have some paintings up now! Yay!

Also with the upcoming elections here a few links. 
First off for some comedy a youtube video of Harper's debate glare that had me seriously laughing out loud. 

Secondly an interesting news article on the votes cast at University of Guelph Wednesday that the conservatives are trying to have nullified (cause they totally know the youth population is not voting for them) here

And lastly Shit Harper did! Which I think explains itself. 

Okay so clearly I am not a big fan of the Conservatives. I am trying to decide whether to vote NDP or Liberal. I think I have an issue that alot of people do, I prefer NDP but I feel voting Liberal will have more power to stop the Conservatives. After the debate Layton actually made a comment about that and said if everyone who wanted NDP voted NDP they'd have more power. I feel this is true, so I may just go NDP on this one. 

Anyways enough politics!!!! Lastly, I am featuring Squidbombed's Etsy shop because it has some awesome stuff! 

I love this figure drawing and alot of other ones on there but also check out the shop for some cool stickers and stuff!

<3 Lenore

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Ahhh I want a smoke. I had a horrible day at work (they cut my fricken hours... I was only getting like 18 a week as it is.... and I just spent $700 on a plane ticket to go home and lost a weeks worth of work. I am SO sick of being poor and treated like crap as an employee) and I have never wanted a smoke so bad ever. Stressing out sooo much, even the gum is not helping.

Anyways this will be a quick blogpost. First off Alanah is having a giveaway of this gorgeous hat that I die for.

I want. So check out her giveaway!!! And also her Etsy shop. Gorgeous things. : )

Anywho I'm just going to end this off with a little comic for your amusement.

Lenore <3

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Dying is only one thing to be sad over. Living unhappily is something else."

Still quit! Fifty nine and a half hours. I think about it all the time though.

I read another book last night / today. (Yes, already, I was trying to keep my mind off smoking).
Another non-fiction. A best-seller. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.

I'm not going to bore you all with another long book review. Just going to say, another amazing non-fiction. About a man who starts visiting his old professor who has ALS  as he's dying and the lessons he learns about life and death. Grabbed that one off Frank and Ambers book shelf as well. Next up: another book by Mitch Albom. The five people you meet in heaven.

If you've read any good books lately let me know! I've got a bit more time on my hands, I'd gladly pick up something suggested.

Also I posted my favorite thing that I ever crocheted on my Etsy Shop today. As you can probably tell, it's my banner on here and my thumbnail on Etsy.
Ahhh I just die for the color combos. Checkit here!

Also the Canadian 2011 Election debate was tonight! So we ate in front of the TV and watched it. I was hoping for there to be more points made, but there were a few good ones and some great comments. Jack Layton cracked me up. Haha. I still need to register to vote, so Imma call in and get that all taken care of. Anyone watch that debate and have some comments? Anyone from Canada have their minds made up on who they're going to vote for? I'd love to hear some opinions.

Lenore <3

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Green peps and loose girls

I am back in Ontario! Dreading work tomorrow. But it was 23 degrees here today, so that is uplifting.

I had to share this best picture ever my brother found at our parents house. My favorite part is what he titled it.

Gram saving Lenore from vegetables
Sooooooo cute. This is me as a baby and my Gram evidentally saving me from a green pepper! Priceless. 
Also, still quit smoking! 35 and a half hours down THE REST OF MY LIFE TO GO. AHHH

On another note I finished a book while flying home today. It's called Loose Girl: a memoir of promiscuity  by Kerry Cohen.

I seriously feel every girl should read this book. Now if you know me, from the title alone you could probably understand how it relates to me. But I think this book relates to every female. It is non-fiction, totally true account of this womans life.

When I first read the back, I was weary that it would be preachy. And I was defensive. But upon reading the book, I have never related and been so moved by something. 

It's all about how growing up she was obsessed with boys, and obsessed with finding a boyfriend and was really needy and often slept around just to get that feeling, and held on to boyfriends she didn't even like just for the feeling of being loved. She felt that her value as a person was defined by boys. In the book she is never self-pitying, it is written very well and relatably. And it made me realize things that I have realized about my past life many times before, but she puts alot of it into words I couldn't have.

In the end she does gain independence, but not in a self-help sort of way, moreso in an awareness of her actions. And she says she's not a miraculously fixed person, she is just aware of where these feelings are coming from.

Anyways I could never properly explain the greatness of this book, please read! I only wish that I had read this when I was 14 rather than 24, when I needed alot more of this explained to me and most of the hurdles she went through I hadn't already painstakingly dealt with myself.

And if anyone has read or decides to read please drop me a line and tell me what you think! I miss being able to pass around books to my friends so we can chat about them. Need some more book convos in my life. 

<3 Lenore


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Patches and Doms

So today is the day. The patch is on! I have quit smoking! For a whole three hours now. (Now three hours may not seem like a long time to most people, but if you know me you know that's a really long time to me). So far no cravings, even with this delicious coffee I'm drinking. So it gets a thumbs up so far.

And if you know me, this is not only the first time I've tried to quit smoking, but the first time I've ever talked about wanting to at all. Up until coming to Stephenville it wasn't even in my mind. And I know I said before I'm quitting because my grandmother asked me to, and, while that's part of it, it's because I've watched too many loved ones at the end of their lives with an oxygen mask on their faces. And while my grandmother is 92, so it's not an early death thing, it's a quality of life thing. If I'm going to die that's not going to be how. (My other grandmother died of lung cancer three years ago, from smoking, at the age of 69. This isn't the first time I've witnessed this.)

I figured it would go well with the other lifestyle changes I've made. I quit the excessive drinking, as well as started eating really healthy. Never thought I'd see the day, but my health is beginning to be a concern to me.

Speaking of excessive drinking and eating bad, I did go out last night! I went to a bar here, Clancy's, some guys I went to high school with were playing. And I saw the most random array of people from all age groups from home. Some I haven't seen in 5 years. It was nice, everyone greeted me with a hug, even if we were never close! I caught up with alot of people, and saw a few I really wanted to see before I left.

Also, where else in the world can you get drinks for $2.75. ?!?! 

And at 4 am on my walk home I stopped into the best pizza place in the universe. It's right by my house. People come home and eat nothing but. It's called Dominos (not the chain, who actually tried to sue this Dominos for the name but turns out the one here in Stephenville existed first! HAH). I got the last slice of pepperoni and she only charged me $1.50 because it was a bit small. (Dirt cheap! Usually slices are only $2.60 anyways). And I had to take a picture to remember this delicious moment. (I already had a few bites).

So I just wanted to know, has anyone else had lifechanging moments where they changed their lifestyle? (To be more healthy or happier). I've been going through alot of this lately and I'd love to hear if anyone else has done the same!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Prompt!

Alright, so today is the new prompt for me and Sarah's Grow project for April!

This week  the idea is to Grow a friendship!!! It's pretty simple - make something for someone! Get crafty or artsy or creative and make something neat and give it to someone to grow your friendship stronger. Simple but fun! So join on in and paste on here or on Sarah's blog what you did and we'll share. : )

Also check out what I did Yesterday for last week's prompt. And here is what some other people did:

Here is Sarah's



And Quiverfull's

Isn't it interesting to see all the different stuff people did! Jeez so many amazing takes on it. So if you still feel inspired to make your own from the first prompt just comment here and I'll post it!

Also I posted this on my Etsy Shop as I have a nice scan of it too. I can't wait to make some prints of this stuff! (I promise, I won't endlessly self-promote and post everything I list on Etsy here. I am just excited to be listing art!)

Anyways, can't wait to see what you all make for Art April! So exciting. : )

Friday, April 8, 2011

Grow and Paint Party Friday!

Alright, so you all know I've been fairly indisposed being home and all. And I have not had paints here. But I have managed to do a drawing for me and Sarah's grow project! (She posted hers yesterday, check it out it turned out awesome!!!)

So I did this for the project, it didn't turn out quite as I had hoped but interesting results just the same! Inspired me to do some weird tie art when I get home. But regardless this is what I ended up with:

So! If you did anything for the first prompt just comment the link on either me or Sarah's blog and one of us will definitely post the picture! And if you haven't done it, feel free to do it at anytime and we'll still post it. And stay turned for tomorrow's prompt in case you want to join in.

Also happy Paint Party Friday everyone!!! I haven't actually been able to paint this week, but where my parents have a scanner I HAVE been able to scan something I painted last week. It was a quick watercolor sketch that ended up having a style I really like.

It's me smoking. I actually have a sweater kind of like that that I wear religiously. It's coral.

And on the note of smoking, everyday I've been to the hospital to see my grandmother she tells me to quit smoking. So I promised her I would before I leave. So any advice for the quitting? I've never actually I tried before. I'm going to go on the patch, has anyone quit on the patch? How did you do it? Cold turkey? Nicorette gum? I'd love some motivation and advice on how to quit. : )

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fat old cats.

Still in Stephenville. It is ultra boring. Whur all my b'ys gone? Geez.
Things are pretty much the same with my Gram.

Anyways my parents have two cats. One is 10 and was mine (but stayed here of course) and he is FAT. So I felt I should show his ultimate obeisity to you all. His name is Pudder. <3

He's fat but I love him!!!! 
I'm currently working on my piece for me and Sarah's project grow for our Art April. I will post tomorrow. I hope someone is joining in and making something with us!!! If you do please comment and leave us a link.  : ) 

Also since I am near a scanner YAYY I posted one of my original watercolors on my Etsy shop. I'm selling this original postcard sized watercolor. I think it turned out pretty great.

Monday, April 4, 2011


SO! I am in Stephenville. I ate some Domino's (not the chain, the specific Stephenville pizza place that is godly delicious), drank some India beer (pale ale, locally brewed) and visited my Gram. Gram is stable right now, we're waiting for some news. I'm really glad I've been getting to see her. I saw a few friends and got drunk with the fam tonight. Now here I am drunk at 1 am and the fam all Poped out and went to bed. I'm thinking I might pop over to doms for another slice haha.

The good news about home (besides doms and india beer) is that my parents have a scanner, so I brought some art and comics to scan. I'm about halfway through. So here's a random comic! Tell me what you think. (The main reason I like this one is because I think the drawing itself it good. But criticism will be welcomed.)

I have not started the grow project yet. : ( Sadly it will probably just be pen because all my art supplies are in Ontario. But I once I have a bit more free time I will start it and finish it by next prompt for sure. Don't forget Saturday to check for next weeks Art April project! And post what you did this week. <3
Oh and I also went and revamped my old Deviantart that I started eight years ago. I haven't been on it in 4 years but I deleted all the embarassing stuff (oh what we do when we're 14 haha. Especially my writing) and I'm starting to post new stuff. So if you have a DA check me out! 

<3 Lenore

Saturday, April 2, 2011

First week of Art April! "Grow"

Before the unveiling of Art April I have some bad news. My grandmother is back in the hospital, her oxygen is down and she has fluid around her heart and lungs. She's 92 so the outlook is not so good. : ( So my brother and I decided to go home and see her sooner rather than later. We are flying out to Stephenville this evening and I'll be there just over a week.

On the upside! It is time for the unveiling of Art April! Me and the lovely Sarah were so down over the fact that 30 days of lists was over that we decided to make our own little art project for April to keep ourselves inspired and creative.

Everyone is encouraged (if not pestered!) to join along. Every Saturday we will have a prompt and we (and hopefully some people who join in) will post our reply to it within a week (by the next prompt).

The general theme for Art April is "Grow". Grow in the sense of spring and growing in the sense of ourselves.

This week the project is that first start with a blank piece of paper with a quarter-sized circle on it. Like this:
Then draw (or paint or collage, however you'd like to do it) something growing out of it. Anything, any way you can interpret it!

So join us with Art April because we're totally excited. When you're done you can comment on my blog or Sarah's to share and keep an eye out for what we do. : )

Oh and here's an adorable picture of my Gram that I'm flying in to see. She's the cutest.

<3 Lenore

Friday, April 1, 2011

Paint Party Friday!

So over at Paint Party Friday you can post whatever you're painting every Friday! And it will keep you motivated. I think it's a great idea. This week as I said before I bought a fresh pad of watercolor paper (so exciting). I haven't had much time to paint because I worked all week but I did this painting last night.

Once again no scanner yet. (And yes I've been weirdly obsessed with smoke related art.) 

Tell me what you think!