Thursday, February 24, 2011

Class in a glass.

I took a picture of another comic and used adobe to clean it up and put the words in text. It still looks like crap I need a friggen scanner. That's why the drawing is all blurry and crappy.  But once again all criticism or anything is welcome.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My love-hate relationship with coffee.

Alright. So I've drawn about 18 comics. I'm hoping to startup a webcomic sometime in the future. Of course I don't even have a scanner right now so it's a long process. I've also been looking into the prices for hosting a website and getting a domain in all that. So yeah. Distant future.

But for now a preview. This is a random one I thought would be clear enough if I took a picture of it with my phone. I'm hoping to scan and color them all eventually when I get a scanner but for now here's a crappy one photographed with my phone (so it looks terrible).

My love-hate relationship with coffee

I hope you can at least semi see it. Any advice or criticism is welcome! And I'll post another in the future. 
Miss you all! <3 Lenore

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Newfoundland vs. Ontario

Things that I don't like about Ontario:

1) Bags of milk. Seriously. What is this shit. Milk in bags?! That's just wrong.  Us Newfies like our milk in cartons in case we gotta knock our mudder out with a 2L when she gets outta hand, luh. No seriously. Who pours liquid from a bag!?

2) You can't buy beer at convenience stores. You have to go to a "beer store" or a liquor store. I don't get it. There should be beer at any corner available to me at any time!!! (well except after 3 of course but then you just call casino cabs for a 26er). No I guess people in Ontario aren't spontaneous and plan all of their drinking events and lah tee dah to the beer store to pick up some beer for the evening because they are having a dinner party and someone might feel a bit parched. Not hey it's 1 am and I wants a brownneck. Bleh.

3) Twenty-five packs of smokes. Oh they seem awesome at first. You don't have to buy smokes as often and they are plentiful. But no, do you know how big of a pain in the ass it is to carry one of those packs around? I keep bending it in my coat pocket when I lean over and crushing my smokes. And I end up smoking more smokes because I'm not almost at the end of the pack as often so I keep roasting through them like there's no tomorrow.

That's all for now. I need to go to bed I have to get up at six (wtf right). There will be more I'm sure.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Landed a call centre job (boo) in Ottawa in the days. In the meantime I have government testing next Tuesdays so let's hope that lands me something more respectable.

 I do enjoy being in Ottawa in the days just the same. I have always been in love with cities (real cities, not just extremely large towns like St. John's. Although I do miss it). Here's some Ottawa:

Here's some people skating on the Rideau Canal, which I plan on doing before the seasons over. Unfortunately it was cold as BALLS out so my camera lens was all fogged up:

So for this call centre job (and every job I have applied to) I have been grossly lying through my teeth saying I am fluent in French. Now I *did* do French Immersion and graduated as bilingual. Granted that was seven years ago. And I haven't taken any French courses or spoken much French (except for while totally wasted) since. So now here I am starting a job Monday where I may need to speak fluently and understand French on the phone and not only that, record it all. Ah well what's the worse that could happen? I could get fired, big deal. Or I could know enough just to get along and then eventually hone my French skills for a government job! Sooo wish me luck. I'm hoping my gut knows more than I think it knows.
Anywho. More Ottawa to come in zee future! For now, I have been getting up before dawn so we could drive in to Ottawa so I am exhausted. 

Miss all my Newfoundlanders! <3

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the mainland

Ahhh I'm in Ontario ahhh. For about a week and a half now. I am missing a few people very very much. I am getting a little stircrazy. But I do have testing for some government positions coming up next Tuesday so wish me luck!

Also. Here are the aminals I live with. This is Monty being a cutie (he is a dork):
And Miaw'j being beeeautiful:

I have been crocheting and drawing some ideas for a webcomic. Unforunately I do not have a scanner here to scan these drawings. I'll see what I can do anyways.

Short update! At the thought of a full one I feel sleepy and overwhelmed. So more to come of Ontario adventures.