Friday, December 16, 2011

And may all your Christmases be whiteee

So busy! My job gets worse everyday. But there is good news! I sold another thing on Etsy. After 10 months of selling nothing I made two sales in a few weeks! Both having to do with coffee, so I feel I need to make more coffee art.

I sold this one:

Focusing on my Etsy shop is not what I want to be doing, but I could make some quick things to keep up there in the meantime in case people do become interested.

I'm really excited to have this commission done so I can work on my own stuff. Although I do need the Christmas money and it's coming along great.

In the near year I am hoping to put up a website (lookin at for my art and one for my comic (I'm thinking a separate domain for the comic). We'll see what happens, I'm a busy lady.

Also it was 9 degrees here last night. WHAT. Where's the snow? The radio is calling for a green Christmas. So in my sadness, I dedicate this song:

P.S. Love Bing Crosby Christmas.

<3 Lenore

Friday, December 9, 2011


I am still working away at that Christmas commission, I think it's going to be some work to get it done before Christmas. I also have a thousand other things to do, but they will get done hopefully.

Despite working on the commission I managed to whip up a quick comic last night! A friend of mine tweeted about brunch, and I took the idea and took it a few more steps and made it into a comic. : )

Meanwhile I work all weekend, which sucks but I need the hours as my other job has decided to pay us pretty much nothing.

Also I made my first Etsy sale to a stranger after almost a year after I opened my shop! I was about to shut it down, as I am moving away from crafts and focusing on my conceptual art, but I guess I will leave it run for now and see if anything comes of it from what I still have posted.

Anywho enjoy the comic.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Class in a glass.

Working on a Christmas commission for someone right now, so I haven't been working on my painting boooo. But in the meantime a comic!

I dooo miss class in a glass.

Also check out Children's drawings painted realistically by Dave Devries. Seriously they are awesome and hilarious and create crazy characters that could only come from a child's mind. Here's one:


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Support this film!

I met this guy in England three years ago when I was there with Visual Arts, he was there with the English program I do believe. He's seriously barely and acquaintance of mine, but when I saw him post this project on Facebook I was super excited.

Check it out, he is trying to raise money to do a short film called Life Doesn't Frighten Me. He has Gordon Pinsent on board to be in it! Gordon Pinsent, legendary Newfoundland actor who was the voice of Babar!

Anyways, seriously donate to support this film, it looks like it will be amazing and there's nothing more exciting than seeing a young talented person live out their dream.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Any mummers, nice mummers 'lowed in?

Alriiiiight! Finally got the new beautiful scanner my brother gave me for my birthday up and running. It is a HP Scanjet G31100. I love it when I own things of value in my life instead of just the crappiest version of everything. And all of those things are either shit my brother handed down or bought for me, hahaha. Loves him dearly.

Alright so here's a painting I do believe I posted before but here's a nice scan of it. Keeping with the lighter theme. It's a watercolor, it was a quick throw together. The imagery of lighters has been haunting me for fricken years.

I also really friggen miss the ocean. But anyways.

I also scanned some comics, I am going to buy a domain and host and get an artist website up and running soon, including a webcomic portion. So here is a random comic, please tell me what you think! Both about the art and the humor.

And last but not least, I was teaching my pal Brad about some Newfie traditions last night. And I guess growing up with it all you take for granted that not everyone knows about our traditions and food.

There is a Newfoundland Christmas tradition where people used to dress up in rags and put underwear on their heads and mitts on their feet and stuff with their faces covered and show up to other peoples houses and knock on the door and come in and get loaded and dance and stuff. And they'd never show their identity but sometimes it'd be people from your neighborhood or friends. Anyways in the spirit of getting ready for Christmas PLEASE listen to the Mummer's Song.

<3 Lenore

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Quick update!

My cv is almost written. I sincerely wish that after art school I didn't fall off the planet in a series of minimum wage jobs, as there is a huge gap in my cv and it is almost impossible to find all the information from 3-7 years ago of exhibitions and publications I've been in. But alas, now I am motivated and poring over e-mails from half a decade ago. That was the point of moving to Ontario in the first place.

I also started a painting last night, on a nice 2.5' x 3' canvas, and it is one of the first paintings where the preliminary drawing on the canvas clicked and then I had to pick a paintbrush up immediately. I'm really excited about this one.

I also wanted to share this article by John Cheese, my favorite writer at called 9 youtube videos that prove anyone can get sober. Mind you I am not addicted to anything (well except smoking, but that's more a lifestyle right? Hah.) But I think this was inspiring more in the sense for me as someone working a crappy job with a dream of making money doing something creative that I love.

After quitting drinking he leaves the crappy job he worked for 14 years and ends up becoming a comedy writer and making way more money at it than this other job. And this is something I've done for a few years, sit around and feel sorry for myself knowing I CAN be an artist, but not doing it. So now, ladies and gentleman, after a series of moves, courageous changes and the like I am getting off my sorry ass and getting out the door and no one is going to stop me. If you want any motivation for anything, check out those videos.

Anyways, off to work I am. More updates to come!