Thursday, August 25, 2011

Caravaggio and cats

Tonight I went to an exhibition at the National Gallery entitled Caravaggio and his followers. Which I felt should have been called Caravaggio and his followers. But that is neither here nor there. Regardless, I did get to see at least some of Caravaggios paintings, and thoroughly enjoyed them (along with those of his followers). What really struck me is his amazing use of chiaroscuro (contrast between lights and darks) that make his paintings really intense and breathtaking, particularly in person. 

Here is one of the paintings at the gallery this evening, Martha and Mary Magdalene.

Also, today 10K (the cat) returned to us! My roommate who was allergic moved out, so she is now in the house meowing and sniffing about to see what's on the go. I hope she settles soon and comes and snuggles in my bed with me like oldtimes.

Meanwhile, no art has yet been made as I am still adjusting after two weeks of working hell. And tomorrow after my regular job I have to go to the banquet hall, then I have to work a wedding there on Saturday. Sunday is my first day off since the 7th (the day after the wedding) so I plan on doing some mad relaxation/artmaking. I will post anything that comes of it!

Lenore <3

Monday, August 22, 2011


I do, in fact, still exist. I worked a whopping 170 hours in the last two weeks, no joke. I am le tired.

I worked at my regular job plus overtime at the Greekfest here in Ottawa. It was all gruelling on my feet work of dragging trays and garbage around. But I did learn how to Greek dance!

I also discovered that Opa! is the woo of the Greek world.

Now I must get motivated to get one good job and place myself in the art world! I am joining CARFAC Ontario (just waiting for the payment to go through now) and the Ottawa Art Association. Hopefully these will afford me some information and opportunities that I need.

Meanwhile, it is also my mission this week to make some art! So check back, as soon as I make something new I will post, I promise.

<3 Lenore

Monday, August 8, 2011


This is one of the reasons why I've been so MIA. Here is my brother and my new sister!!! The wedding was Saturday on a farm and it was soooooooo beautiful. More pictures to come once I get my hands on them, including me as a bridesmaid and Monty in a tuxedo!