Thursday, March 31, 2011


First off, me and Sarah were pretty bummed that 30 days of lists is over (albeit I never participated in alot but I did have fun with some). So we decided we're going to think up an art project for April! (Art April? : O) We were thinking weekly prompts, but stay tuned within the next few days to find out! Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Blaaah. I am beat out tonight. I made another set of coffee bean earrings (cooler ones) but have not had the energy the last two days to post them on Etsy yet. I can't wait for Friday at 3 pm when I am off for four days so I can get some more stuff done!

On a plus note I bought a big pad of watercolor paper today. Yay! So I can do lots of large watercolors. I've been trying to watercolor on cardstock which is terrible, it holds the water/paint so weird and buckles hardcore. I'm itching to get some oil painting in but I really don't have a setup for it.

In the meantime here's a little drawing I did last night. It's a naked lady smoking haha.
And I went to take this picture of everything I've been drawing/painting lately to give everyone/myself a roundabout idea....

When Mia'wj decided she wanted to check out what in the world I was paying attention to more than her.

Kitties are the cutest. <3

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So first off I changed some of my settings for my blog. Now people without a gmail or blogger account can comment. So all you b'ys who might read my blog, comment away!

Secondly, I have a little picture I made to share with you guys. It's like the last one, but instead of beers it's wine and liquor! And it's been painted.

I hate the cheers in the middle but I think the drinks are adorable. I will probably do another version. : )

Also check out Mullock Street Blog made by my favorite in life, Daniel. That is the house in St. John's I lived in for a year and half and miss dearly, and in my wake Daniel moved in so the house is even more perfect and made for me haha. Anyways all of the residents are hilarious! (And Gracie who is the most beautiful puss of them all) so keep an eye because I'm sure it'll be awesome.

Annnd I thought this was pretty funny. The three countries that do not use the metric system. Icu USA trying to be different. Just to screw shit up.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beers and beans.

Today I made some earrings out of coffee beans!

Not bad for my first try! I will be uploading them to my Etsy Shop tomorrow when I can take some pictures in better lighting (aka the sun). I have more earring things so I'm hoping I will improve on it and make some really cool ones. There's an Art and Bead store really close to here that has alot of awesome stuff, so I will probably pick up some beeds to use too. 

Also I have been doing some little drawings and stuff to hopefully make postcards in the future. I found some good printing websites. Here's a little one about beers I've been doing some mock-ups of, will be colored in the future.

I need to whore myself out for a scanner.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Politics n Books.

First off check out Vote Compass for the Federal election. It asks you your views on a series of topics then tells you what political party you're most like, and even shows you a cool graphic of where you lie. Apparently I'm most like the Green party. Randomly?

Also I haven't been keeping up with 30 days of lists the whole month as I've been a bit busy and some of them didn't inspire me as much as others. Also it'd be better if I had a scanner rather than take crappy pictures of stuff I write out. But today's was Books I'd like to read this year and I couldn't pass that one up! I made it in paint.

Of course that's not exactly all of them, but it's what I could think of off the top of my head.

Also my bridesmaids dress for my brothers wedding is in! It's gorgeous. If fits me really well except has to be taken in around my armpits (and shortened like a foot haha. Short me : ( )

Meanwhile I am off the next two days so I'm going to be doing some stuff for my Etsy shop and hopefully start a painting for Paint Party Friday so I can participate this week. Creativity at it's finest!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Banners and painting blogs

Check this out! Paint Party Friday is a blog someone started up where every Friday you can link to your blogpost with a picture of a finished painting or whatever painting you're working on. The idea is to get you motivated because you have people checking up on you once a week to keep you painting. I think it's a great idea! Reminds me of painting Sundays we used to have last summer. Kept me making art and kept me motivated. (MAN I miss those). So check it out, I will definitely be participating. I have linked here on the right side of my blog too.

I've been playing alot with my Etsy shop and my blog here too. I made some banners (I think I finally like the one I have here now, the last one was kind of crappy) and I posted a few more things on Etsy. Now I'm pumped to get something for Objects for art to update that too!

Anyone who I told about my grandmother being in the hospital here's an update: she's out. I was talking to her today. My parents said she hasn't been the best but she sounded great and was in good spirits chatting away on the phone. She doesn't need oxygen anymore, just a puffer, which is a great relief because that was a huge possibility. Jeez she's the most resilient 92-year-old ever.

Pot Roast Mode!

Poking around Etsy I've seen alot of amazing stuff. One shop in particular I found I fell in love with their artwork. Check out Bright day. The style of art is right up my alley haha. Alot of the things I've seen are very inspiring to me. If only I had more money and time!

Meanwhile, I really felt it was time to introduce the term Pot Roast Mode to the world. So I drew up this little cutie.

Pot roast mode! Spread it to the world! (Would you buy a potroastmode postcard? : o)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

While this blog started as something that was going to be very personal it has slowly transformed into many other things. A way for my friends back home to know what I'm up to. A way to organize my thoughts and creative ideas and stuff I've worked on so I can look back on it as it progresses. And what I hope to turn it into: a way to network.

I've opened up an Etsy shop as I said before and I've been making some more things lately. I haven't posted much yet but I have alot of ideas flowing. But along with this I've been thinking about how to sell. And I know networking is a huge part of it. So as this goes on I will continue blogging and I've been reaching out in Etsy trying to find some more blogger friends. (I've found a few people who are making some amazing things, it makes me so happy to see people have such a love of creating. Check out some of the people I'm following!) I'm also going to try and network and make more friends with twitter (@Lenoracle) as well as my Art Project which is still on the go! (The object for the next piece is in th email on the way to me now, I couldn't be more excited. I will post a before picture as soon as I get it!). And once I get a scanner (as soon as my income taxes come in) I'll be trying to start up that webcomic too!

So as you can see I'm busy busy busy. I've also been researching companies that would print postcards/stickers/t-shirts/art prints to sell. This is all very pricey. Particularly the art prints, most places cost a fortune. If anyone knows of any reasonably priced websites to make prints of these things let me know! While I am concerned about quality, starting out as broke as I am, cost is my main concern.

I have been enjoying this creative motivated spurt lately. I've gotten back a feeling I haven't had since I graduated university almost two years ago. Ahhhhh I'm old. But anyways, I haven't had that feeling which is what kept me going for so long in two years. And it's back. It's so unexplainable, to have constant ideas flowing to the point where you can't keep them straight and everything you do grows 20 more ideas out of it and you can't spot creating and writing things down and thinking. Whatever art block I had for the last two years is finally gone! And now I have the time and motivation to do something with it. I could not be more excited.

I also want to thank my lovely Sarah for always being there with me, helping me research stuff and getting just as excited (if not more!!) as me about everything I'm doing. She's such a lovely crafty lady, and outknowledges me when it comes to blogs anyday. She's been such a great help. <3

On an unrelated note I'm almost finished the book Monster by Sanyika Shakur aka. Monster Kody Scott. It's an autobiography of an L.A. Gang member. It is soooo good. I have not been able to put it down. It's an amazing portrayal of gang life and the mindset of a gangster and then the transformation that he went through. I definitely suggest.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alright, so I made an Etsy Account. Check it out lah. There's only a couple things on it but I'm planning on expanding of course.

Along with my crocheted shit I'm planning on perhaps making some stickers and postcards and getting them printed and selling that stuff on Etsy. Also at the Kemptville Farmers market. Of course for that to happen unfortunately I'll need a scanner. C'monnnn Income taxes.

I've been doing some preliminary drawings for some of these postcards and stuff. Here's an idea I was thinking about, tell me what you think! (Please I need some constructive criticism.)

Postcard Idea?
I've been looking around alot online at people who make awesome things and sell them. I liked the stuff on Boy girl party alot. Weirdly enough I showed it to Daniel and he said that stuff is down at Model Citizens. Randomm. 
There are plus sides to being out here in Ontario. I've been alot more productive, I have alot more ideas flowing, I have alot more time on my hands and the time I have I don't spend drinking haha. So hopefully something awesome will come of all this. 

<3 Lenore

Friday, March 18, 2011

Write on.

I've been tagged by Sarah! I had to respond to these questions in handwriting:

1. What is your name/blogger name?
2. What is the url of your blog?
3. Write "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog"
4. Write your favourite quotation.
5. What is your favourite song?
6. What music do you like right now?
7. Is there anything else you would like to add about your handwriting?
8. What three bloggers do you want to follow suit?

Here goes!

Alright so SierraLora and Sam I'm tagging you. Some of you don't blog alot *glares* but do it up!

If you want to see more of my handwriting write me some letter's damnit I'll write back. <3

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home is....

Home is where your beer is.

Unfortunately I left India beer in Newfoundland...

I might do this as a cross stick. Fer a laugh.


I haven't been doing many lists lately but here's today's.
Things I love about _____ : Things I love about smoking.
- Smoking with a coffee
- How much it calms me down when I'm mad
- How great it is to converse over
- How social of an activity it is - how do non-smokers meet people?
- How ritualistic it is
- How it helps me digest after I eat a big meal
- It goes great with a phone conversation
- An excuse to get alone with someone
- Something to do when you're awkwardly standing alone waiting for something
Etc etc.

 Meanwhile. A painting!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

As did I, we drink to die, we drink tonight.

Yay productivity! I've been doing more drawing and painting. Here's a drawing I did last night:

This is a picture of a drawing of a picture of myself smoking. Haha. Like I said before my art tends to focus on smoking. More to come! I'm working on a painting of this as well.

Also I've managed to lose like 13 pounds since I've been here (woo me!). The scale is showing me numbers lower than I've seen in years. It's amazing how quitting binge drinking helps with that hahaha.

<3 Lenore

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Washing Machine

I painted something tonight, woo. Thank goodness, I was feeling rather unproductive the last few days. It's a very small acrylic painting of a girl sitting on a dryer/washer smoking. For some weird reason I was thinking about it and I've smoked on alot of washers/dryers in my day. Laundry rooms are often good places to smoke.

I like to make art about smoking, that's what alot of my fourth year independant work was based on. Because smoking is such a dichotomy. It's very social (as Sarah said to me tonight: smoking is an amazing networking tool), you love to smoke when you smoke. There's nothing more comforting when you're upset or delicious with a coffee. It's a wonderful five minutes you take just for yourself to relax. You define yourself by it. You are a smoker, and it's such a big part of your life. It's a lifestyle. But at the same time you loathe yourself for it. You feel less healthy, you are potentially giving yourself cancer, you are fully aware anyone who doesn't smoke is judging you. Sometimes you are ashamed of how frequently you are smoking even with other smokers around. Being a smoker is a constant internal battle in which you both love/hate it and a little bit hate yourself for loving it. It's my biggest vice by far. Of all of the things I've picked up, it's the one I've never put down.

Alas here is the painting. The picture quality is terrible (damn I need a scanner), it's more vibrant and less blurry and weird. Which is sad that I don't have a better picture because you can't see all the best brushstrokes. But all the same here it is:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Passé Composé

Alright so I skipped a few lists I've been busy.

The one for Friday was Today's Playlist. I don't have alot of music on my computer nowadays. So I was basically listening to one CD, which I've been rocking out to since the summer. It's called Dark was the Night. It has alot of really fantastic artists like Beirut, Cat Power, Sufjan Stevens, Kevin Drew, The Books, Spoon and sooo many more. It was released by Red Hot organization, dedicated to funding aids through pop culture. They're the ones who released the classic album No Alternative if anyone remembers! Awesome album. Look both those up. Anyways. So Friday's Playlist list:

Okay now today's list:
My Least Favorite Words:

In case you can't read some of the words themselves (because I used sparkly blue ink) they are: Pet Peeve, Panties, Lady-like, Cunny, Gross, Frumpy, Skin Flakes, Job Hunt, DJ and Hickey.

Anyways I have to get up at like SIX am which is insane. To go in and do my Second Language Assessment for French oh lord help me it's going to be hard. This is tough. So wish me luck. I will probably need it. 

<3 Lenore

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things to look forward to: free donuts.

So keeping with the 30 days of lists which you can of course check out here I made today's list! Which was:

Things I am looking forward to: 

Also I won a fricken donut with roll up the rim today! WOO. This my not seem like a big victory to you but last year I drank a Tim's coffee literally everyday during roll up the rim (when I worked at ICT) and never won anything not even a damn coffee. And this is the second one I got this year and I won a donut! Clearly this can only mean one thing. I'm lucky in Ontario.

Lists, dogbrellas, art projects and things that make me happy!

My lovely friend Sarah made a blog post about this:

I thought it was a great idea! So I'm jumping on the bandwagon a day late. So today's list was things I'm good at. Here goes!
Things I'm Good At:

So hopefully I will actually keep up with these 30 days of lists. I think it will be fun!
Don't forget to check out my art project Free art! I'm really excited about it and I'm hoping that it'll get off the ground. Everytime I make a blogpost on that I will update on here and Twitter and Facebook. So spread the word! And blog and tweet and facebook about it so lots of people are aware of it. Okay enough senseless self-promotion. 

Sarah also mentioned the things that made her happy this week so...
Things that made me happy this week:

- Waking up with both a puss and a puppers in my bed every morning.
- Starting this new art project!
- Hearing from good friends and people I love back home. <3
- Watching girly movies with Amber all Monday when we had freezing rain so her and Frank stayed home from work.
- Finishing The Devil and Miss Prynn by Paulo Coelho finally. Great read! I suggest.

Oh and we're totally getting this for Monty, he hates the rain because he's a princess.

 <3 Lenore

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Objects for art!!


I came up with an interesting art/blog project! Go to

What my idea is is that the first person who e-mails me will get what is posted in the mail. After they send me a random object (anything at all! small though). And once I recieve that I will send them the art. Then I'll make another piece of art out of whatever they send me. Then I will post that and the first person who claims that one has to send me another object. Then I will send them the art and make something else out of their object! Etc. etc.

This is my attempt to get inspired and creative with my artmaking, as well as keeping it interactive and fun. And get my art out there for people. Because who doesn't love free art!

So check it out. If you see anything you like don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Love love