Sunday, July 3, 2011

Canada wha

Brief update. Canada day in the capital was awesome, I would suggest it to anyone.

I started the day down on Parliament hill. It was hooooot and sunny. We saw William and Kate come in (yawn who cares) and Stephen Harper (booooo) and saw some concerts and stuff it was pretty cool.

Paper hats prevent sunstroke!!
Paper hat fail. 

Then I did a variety of other activities, which included poutine, ice cream, sitting in the shade on Majors hill listening to some bands, going to a BBQ. 
Then... Fireworks!

If you look down Rideau street you will see that the crowds are endless.
There were 3 or 400,000 people there.


  1. Looks like fun! I'm getting excited for Ottawa adventures! Find lots of cool places we can go :) hahah

  2. Pretty exciting weekend in Ottawa!

  3. Yawn x 2 LOL - it was actually covered in Australia too, looks like it was fun, even though the boring ones came ;)