Friday, May 25, 2012

Heatin up

Dear universe, I still exist.

Still working two jobs. I was pretty sick for two weeks, I had the flu which turned into a sinus infection that I was too stubborn to get meds for for a while. Now I am antibiotic-ed up and feeling better!

My comic Tales from the Vault is still going (tell all your friends!) and I ordered some business cards from and they look great! I do suggest. Meanwhile my dad is coming up for a visit for my brothers convocation for his Masters! Very excited for that. And not long after that I'll be gearing up for my trip to Newfoundland, which is making me so excited I could explode!!! 22 days. Follow me on twitter (@lenoracle) and you will see my Newfoundland countdown which consists of me listing all the things I want to do in Newfoundland when I'm there for every day I am waiting to be there.

Meanwhile, it has been heating up here in Ottawa! It's been off and on 34 with humidity, which is a bit hot for me. And for the kitties.

My kitties have been sleeping like they're dead all week during the day! I've actually checked a few times (I'm a paranoid mommy). But it's kind of blissful when they're in that state, no one fights and I get to pick on them all I want.

So how is everyone elses summer gearing up? Any great summer plans?

<3 Lenore

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