Sunday, January 22, 2012

The bacon is ready

Life has been hectic as per usual. My mom has had a stint put in and she's doing well, thank goodness! I didn't have heat for five days due to first the incompetence of my landlord then the incompetence of Direct Energy. Now I am getting cut arbitrary shifts at work because they do not "have enough work for us".

SO. I do not have any more art made. Also I have not started my website. My money has instead been going into things like a $75 late fee from the Ottawa Library I was being sent to collections over and to start filling the eight cavities I just discovered I have. Ridiculous.

But alas! These cut shifts may not provide me with money, but hopefully will provide me with time to finish that painting I am working on.

On a lighter note, here is an old comic I drew that I will share with you. The drawing itself is not the best, but I hope you enjoy! And tell me what you think of my comics, I'm still considering getting a webcomic off the ground if people are amused.

<3 Lenore


  1. Glad your mom's doing ok Lenore!

  2. You know I dies for your comics! But a lot of them are Mullock based, so I guess I'm biased :P