Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Things have been crazy. Christmas was fantastic and I've been trying to get back into the swing of things. But unfortunately my Mom had an angina attack and she's now in the hospital back home. They are going to do a dye test to see if she will need bypass surgery. It seems that something is always up in my life.

Anywho, I have been working on a painting (the same one) and I will finish it someday I swearrr. It is coming along nicely.

I also want to get a website off the ground, but in the meantime I had to take my cat to the vet, I have to deal with national student loans, I have to finally see a dentist,  I have to find a fulltime job that doesn't demean me and kill my soul and I have to apply to go back to school. So it's kind of on the backburner.

In the meantime, here is Allan Hawco with some tips on how to speak like a Newfoundlander! Many people up here tell me most of the time they can't tell that I have an accent, but back home I actually use all of these phrases. They're not just for b'ys from down da bay, they're predominant expressions. So enjoy this bit of my culture.

Also, watch Republic of Doyle! It is set in St. John's, the most beautiful city ever.

<3 Lenore

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