Thursday, November 22, 2012

Birthdays, amiright?

I turned 26 yesterday. I feel as though my life has been consumed by work. Never making art anymore, I'm feeling a bit downtrodden. One of my friends gave me an easel for my birthday, so I worked a bit on a painting tonight.

I need to make art more so I know what I'm making it about. My main focus was addiction, and I do not know if I am expressing it properly. I am not sure what I even think about it anymore. The more I work the more my smoking addiction takes over my life. Maybe work itself has become an addiction, the need for money to sustain myself and protect myself in the future. I need to play with canvases and materials. I need to figure things out.

Regardless I downloaded a postcast tonight called Art Marketing Action Podcasts from Alyson B. Stanfield. It is full of helpful tips on marketing yourself as an artist. I am going to continue listening as I bus to and from work everyday, hoping for inspiration.

On a lighter note, here is some art humor. That is priceless blog. Check it out!

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