Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fixation - New painting

I have finished a new piece, at last! I have been working on this one forever.

Acrylic on canvas
3' x 4'

Finally I have done a reasonably sized piece here in Ottawa. It is something I would not be ashamed to show. The premise behind the piece is an expression of addiction. Addiction has many sides, this is an expression of the comfort of smoking for me. There is a dichotomy in my life between the hatred of how cigarettes are destroying me and my pure love of them. It is something I fight daily. Anyone with any addiction fights similar feelings.

I am making another painting right now. It is small, perhaps more a layout for a future bigger piece. I have been concentrating on the idea of addiction too much so I have decided to branching out a bit. I also want to do a body of work with people working service jobs and hopefully expressing the state of the economy, something I am very affected by right now.

Meanwhile I am trying to stay motivated despite working 60 hours a week. Hope you all find the time to do what you're passionate about as well!

<3 Lenore

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