Monday, March 4, 2013

Painting updates

I am still painting. This one is yet untitled, I finished it last night. I was getting tired of portraits. While they were expressing something very specific that I needed to get out, for me personally portraits are far from the artistic expression I am trying to reach. So this is my most recent painting:


Now to update you on some past works. This one is part of the blue series it was finished some time ago.


And this last one I posted before, but I took a better picture and cropped it. It is also part of the blue series.


There are more which I will update in the future. I am going to try revisiting my artist statement soon and updating my website so I can create a portfolio and hit up some galleries.

The other day my roommate told me I need to stop painting my dead friend. I have six paintings with her in them now. We'll see. If it's working it's working, right?

<3 Lenore

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