Sunday, January 9, 2011

Alternative to the book of my life.

Recently I've been thinking alot about writing a book about my life. This is because so many people have been telling me I should. Not that my life is particularly intense, but there's been a stream of exciting events over the last five years. After reading the Tao of Pooh (check it out, fantastic book) my friends and I picked out which of us would be which Winnie the Pooh characters. My friend always trying to be clever and witty was Rabbit. My friend trying to be wise and intellectual was Owl. My nervous friend was Piglet and my friend who was very go with the flow and laid back was Winnie the Pooh. It came to me and none of us could figure out who I would be. I contained strong characteristics of each, excluding maybe Piglet. At least it was figured out. I was Christopher Robin. Why? Because everything everyone wanted to do has done or has thought about doing I've done it and could inform them on how it's done and what it's like. That's me. I've tried a little bit of everything. Good and bad. Mostly bad.

So why am I not writing a book about my life? First off, here is how the book was going to start:

                I always say that when I tell my life story it has to be while smoking cigarettes over either a cup of coffee or a beer, depending on the company and the time of day. But instead this is over text, which to me takes away all of the physical expressions and cues and the laughter or sadness shared between two people. So despite that, I hope you are sitting here reading this while smoking a cigarette or drinking a cup of coffee or a beer (wine, tea and spiced rum are also acceptable).

I began writing and I realized something. The story of my life could not be told in one solid piece of text alone. It is best told in a conversation, as I often do, with one or many of my friends. Some of my friends have heard it multiple times on repeat. And the best I can do to really capture that is a blog. The thoughts on the day relating to things on my mind, it's the closest thing to conversation I can get to text without having a respondent. So here I am. Expressing my life. In text. To you. I hope you enjoy. 
So I guess the next question you ask is: Why is my life so interesting anyways? I guess you'll have to wait and see. It has alot to do with promiscuity, drugs, vices, complete and total lack of morals (and sometimes the denial of that fact) and a hell of a lot of love. Because if there's one fact of my life is that I love people easily, and hard. Friends included. 

So I hope you read this over your morning coffee. I'll be writing it over my morning coffee. Or right now a stiff drink at 2 am after all my friends have gone to bed. 

Oh by the way I like to think of myself as (somewhat) of an artist. I do have a Visual Arts degree. So on occaision I will splice in some drawings and comics for your viewing pleasure.

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