Thursday, February 10, 2011


Landed a call centre job (boo) in Ottawa in the days. In the meantime I have government testing next Tuesdays so let's hope that lands me something more respectable.

 I do enjoy being in Ottawa in the days just the same. I have always been in love with cities (real cities, not just extremely large towns like St. John's. Although I do miss it). Here's some Ottawa:

Here's some people skating on the Rideau Canal, which I plan on doing before the seasons over. Unfortunately it was cold as BALLS out so my camera lens was all fogged up:

So for this call centre job (and every job I have applied to) I have been grossly lying through my teeth saying I am fluent in French. Now I *did* do French Immersion and graduated as bilingual. Granted that was seven years ago. And I haven't taken any French courses or spoken much French (except for while totally wasted) since. So now here I am starting a job Monday where I may need to speak fluently and understand French on the phone and not only that, record it all. Ah well what's the worse that could happen? I could get fired, big deal. Or I could know enough just to get along and then eventually hone my French skills for a government job! Sooo wish me luck. I'm hoping my gut knows more than I think it knows.
Anywho. More Ottawa to come in zee future! For now, I have been getting up before dawn so we could drive in to Ottawa so I am exhausted. 

Miss all my Newfoundlanders! <3

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