Sunday, November 13, 2011

And then there were twoooo

I am back down to two jobs (hooray I get to sleep again) so I have more time on my hands! Kind of. I am currently running the three weeks of errands I couldn't even think about because I was working so much.

This includes making art, there are a few paintings that need finishing touches then I will post them!
I also purchased The Business of Art by Sandra M. Hawkins at Wallacks the other day. It was exactly the kind of book I was looking for and can never find: with information on how to get your art into the art market, how to network, how to get exhibited, legalities, etc. etc.

The only thing is that the book is only about 35 pages, and it was $36. Sadly pricy. But I guess for a book of stuff no one else seems to deal with I guess what can you do.

Anyways will hopefully post some art in the upcoming week!

<3 Lenore

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  1. You should have just read the book in store instead of buying it! haha but i'm sure it will be handy to reference in the future as well. Glad to hear your life is a little less crazy now, take care! Much love from Mullock