Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quarter century today!

Okay, so I'm writing this post beforehand because I have a feeling I will be mad hungover on my actual birthday (plans to go out Saturday night and party like someone in their early 20s for the last time! with my work friends who are all 19 and 20, they think I'm old) but I am setting this to post on my actual birthday.

Quarter of a century is a big scary age. I thought turning 20 was horrible because I was supposed to be responsible to some degree, but 25 I think is an even bigger one. I've had a degree for well over two years, I should really be pulling shit together now. So where am I do you ask?

Well in the last year I abandoned the place and the people I love the most (St. John's, Newfoundland which I to this day refer to as home) to move to Ottawa in hopes of starting some sort of life for myself.

With the help of my awesome brother, I moved up here knowing no one else. I got on my feet little by little. I worked a hell of a lot. I made friends. I found an awesome house and ended up with an amazing cat by sheer fate. I have moved from waitress to cook to now working in an office and today I received an e-mail telling me I'm on a shortlist for an admin assistant position with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. That's right governmenty job, people. Why I came up here.

So while I am still no where near the position of having a career or a life, I think I'm at least on the track. I miss my friends back home dearly, but I have grown even more fiercely independent than before.

So what do I hope for the upcoming year? Well I'm going to steal something from one of my best friends in the universe, Sarah. I'm going to have a list.

Twenty-five at twenty-five
  1. Exhibit something in an art gallery: I've had many things exhibited before but not since I graduated.  
  2. Make an epic meal: It will be tough to top some of the stuff at bacon party, but I will try. See photo.
  3. Get a professional massage: No. Seriously. I have worked five 85-90 hour weeks this year (two in August and 3 recently) and I am soooore. I have never had one.
  4. Get one respectable full-time job that I can live off of comfortably: Is that too much to ask? 
  5. Go on a vacation to somewhere I haven't been: While I have done some traveling in my life I haven't done enough. Ideally I would love to go back to Europe, but maybe this year it might be more realistic if I just pop five hours over to Toronto and check that out. 
  6. Get back to St. John's to visit: I've been trying since I left
  7. Start a webcomic: When I first moved here I started drawing a webcomic but as I worked more and more jobs that petered out. This year I will do it, damnit!
  8. Ice skate on the Rideau Canal: I went to winterlude last year and didn't even skate on the canal! I've always wanted to do it since I was a kid. Ideally I would like this to be while on a date with a cute boy.
  9. Go camping: This was the first summer I didn't go camping since my parents felt I was old enough to trot off into the woods unsupervised for a night. Not letting that happen this year. 
  10. Lose weight: I lost 25 pounds last year, but I could afford to lose a bit more. I've seen way too many of my family members health be compromised because we are a genetically overweight family. 
  11. Get my teeth fixed: Soooo many teeth problems. I just got dental care for the first time in three years! Git 'er done.
  12. Make sure my friends all know how much I love them: I'm generally pretty good at that you can always be better. : )
  13. Make 10 close friends in Ottawa: I've been working hard on the friend thing since I got here, but I need some really close ones in this province. And I'm greedy for pals.
  14. Buy a camera: I feel like this will be a necessity in a life as a Visual Artist.
  15. Get my learners permit: YES I'm 25 and I don't know how to drive, shit happens okay?
  16. Apply to go back to school: Imma do it. Whether it be Graphic Design, Advertising or stupidly a Masters of Visual Arts, Imma do it. 
  17. Sell a piece of art: Doesn't matter to who or how much. 
  18. Try 10 new foods: That one was totally stolen from Sarah.
  19. Make my own website: For my art. More professional that way.
  20. Break a bad habit: In a perfect world it would be smoking, but there are many others I can work on too.
  21. Learn to walk in heels: I feel like if I'm going to be a professional this has to happen. I bought a pair the other day let's see if I break my neck
  22. Have a clean room: If you know me you'll know this is legit a yearlong process.
  23. Fight for something I believe in: I'll let you know as soon as I figure out what I believe in.
  24. Stay independent and motivated: I've got it now, I have to keep it. 
  25. Always be 100% who I am: I'm pretty good at that too, but I don't want that to ever change. : )
 Well that is all folks. Happy my birthday! I will update you as these things get accomplished. Meanwhile, after today you are all free to start getting excited for Christmas. ; ) 

<3 Lenore
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  1. Happy Birthday...hope your list comes true and you get that job!

  2. happy belated birthday lenore! hope it was better then the year matt ruined your bday (haha). and i wish you luck in all your birthday goals! you got this :)! but i think you should add something: have a prum with gracie again!