Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My cat just fell asleep on my hand so I'm typing this title with the other one.

Alright, my work situation update I guess it passed due.

Previously I was working as a short order cook and as a server at a banquet hall. I was called by a temp agency and offered an office job so I took it. So I proceeded to work two full time jobs and one part time job for three weeks because I am a kind-hearted person who believes in giving a full two weeks notice.

So now I work at the banquet hall and in the office job. It is a company that scans old patient files from doctors and puts them into electronic format. I scan on a high speed scanner. All. Day. But it's work in an office environment and will look better on my resume. And I had to get out of the restaurant that kept our tips and forced me to work even while I was sick.

Soooo that's that. I have no idea how long the contract is actually going to be or if I'll become permanent but I don't plan on being there for too long.

Meanwhile, I am going to repost this painting I posted a while ago, as I have a better photo.

 More paintings to come.
P.S. My brother gave me a wicked awesome scanner for my birthday so comics are also to come.

<3 Lenore


  1. Beautiful painting and great news on the job front. x

  2. Great Job! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a beautiful, honest depiction of your own experience. Bravo to you for sharing it, and it's true background.