Monday, November 28, 2011


So a friend of mine from art school, who is also from Newfoundland, now lives here in the area. Which is great, I have someone to motivate me to be doing something with my art and to go through all the scary things together.

So on Thursday we went out talking to some galleries in Hintonburg. Everyone was friendly once we got them talking (a few were cold at first), they all gave us advice and an idea of what they do in their galleries and what kind of artists they take on. We went to the Orange art gallery who told us to come in the next day and bring our art.

So, being extremely nervous, we showed up at 11 am on Friday with paintings. And they weren't there. We waited ten minutes, and as any true Newfoundlander would do, popped to the bar next door to grab a beer. With our nerves sufficiently stewed in alcohol we went in and they were finally there.

They are moreso a commercial gallery. Which is all fine and good, every gallery has their niche. But the woman told me straight up, she couldn't sell my art. Nudes and figure works almost never sell in Ottawa, and Ottawa is a very conservative city in general.

Here is an example of one of the more recent pieces I've done to give you an idea what the direction of my art has been:

So to give this piece some context, I will tell you the direction I am taking right now. I for a few years have been working with addiction and sexuality. I am a raging smoker and I've been dealing with alot of feelings associated with this. The lighter has become a symbol of this addiction. It isn't the addiction itself but it's something as necessary as the cigarette. And while lighters have other purposes smoking is what is brought to mind when one sees a lighter. It is a smokers best friend.

This painting is an attempt to represent not only the passion and necessity for the addiction but also the taboo surrounding it.

Anyways back to the original story, the Orange gallery told me to go check out the Patrick John Mills gallery. So over we went, and went in to talk to the guy running it. This gallery seemed moreso like the kind of place my art would fit into.
So I am making a disc full of images whilst working on some more pieces to bring over there.

Also I have decided to start blogging more. And as this blog started as a safer blog concentrating on crafts I was doing, it is going to take a different direction. Because of some of the followers I've accrued I haven't been my raw self posting exactly what I am thinking and feeling about my art. But this blog is going to become an embodiment of who I am, and I hope my followers will grow with it.

I am also going to become more active in commenting on other peoples posts, so expect to see my face a little more!

Anyways. Thanks for reading!


  1. I wish you success Lenore. Loving your interpretation of the lighter and ciggies. Be true to yourself always my friend and am sure you will succeed. x

  2. I fucking love it, Lenore! Absolutely beautiful!

    A suggestion I have would be to find out if there are any art auctions for charity on the go. An auctioneer was telling me at work that lesser known artists will donate a piece (and you're given a tax receipt so you can claim the value of the piece as it is like a monetary donation). It gets your name out there and your art on people's walls! After an auction we often have people come in and ask if we have any other work by the artist as they got outbid in the auction. Just an idea!

    Also, I have just returned from the post office where a special birthday delivery is on it's way to you! LOVE YOU, CHAT SOON PLEASE. ♥

    P.S. Please tweet more.

  3. well you just be yourself lenoracle, as that's what blogging is all about!