Monday, May 2, 2011

Do you still color?

I recieved a letter from my good friend muffin Patrick today! Which excites me! I wrote letters to all my friends when I moved to Ontario. Some I was expecting letters from for sure and some I was crossing my fingers. And he pulled through! Yayyy pen pals are the best.

Patrick is a busy man but he always made time for coloring and coffee with me! Now he's had to replace me with Sarah, as she's blogged about. But Patrick and I are to the agreement that it's not cheating because we're in different area codes.

So Patrick sent me some pictures he colored. And I wanted to share in my excitement. Because mail is awesome. (Especially when my brother and his fiancee are jealous when I get mail and they get bills.)

Awesome? Hells yeah.

I voted today! Excitement. I am waiting for the election coverage to start. I am way too excited to see how it turns out. (How can anyone be pumped about the royal wedding when there are elections going on!?!)

Also posted that cigarette painting on Etsy today! Check it out. I think I might look into the company that printed my brothers wedding invitations and see how much they charge for prints, as then I wouldn't have to pay shipping. (They're in Ottawa). Then hopefully I'll make some Etsy sales.

So a couple questions. What art of mine would you like to see as prints?
And do you still color? : )


  1. i love receiving mail! i have been working on drawing and coloring a large sketch pad, each page new and different, to give to my filmmaker. he is an amazing drawer, and can make perfect lines and shapes without a ruler or other tools.

    check some of them out here:

  2. I used to love to color! My favorite gift every Christmas was the large box of Crayola Crayons. When I wore down certain I would trade them with my sisters and brothers so I had nice pointy ones. (Hey they never used theirs)
    Love your blog and very glad your happy in your own skin!