Thursday, May 26, 2011


Soooo here's some art I have been making.

The first one is on a newspaper clipping. The second two are watercolors. 
Where I'm going here is touching back to what I did with my fourth year work. The concept of drugs and smoking and drinking and how they are looked down upon in our society. The idea that if you partake in these things you are lesser of a person, or that they're bad, or you're stupid for being subject to them. Yet they are still a huge part of our society and if most people do not smoke, they have at some point. Some of the greatest influences in our society have. 

I'm seeing it more here, trying to meet people and become a part of a very stuckup city. I feel out of place. Not just as someone who smokes, but as I am. As me.
What I did for my fourth year work was plaster casted lighters (man they looked like real lighters) that I painted things like adidas or martha stewart and things like that on. Things you would not associate with a lighter (which is typically associated with drugs or smoking). 

Where I am reaching further now is placing them into totally unusual places. Places that they would otherwise have no consideration, to make people think why they're there and face what they are as objects. 

Anyways. I am struggling with a complete and total lack of money for some sort of art supplies. If I had it I have many ideas for other things to do. But in the meantime, here is where I'm going. 

Also happy (almost) Paint party Friday! Be sure to go there tomorrow to see what everyone else did.

P.S. this is the kind of conceptual art I really enjoyed making and miss making. I miss the creative environment of other artists and professors to inspire me. Sigh.


  1. maybe there's a local art group you could join?

    Love your work this week, it makes a subtle statement.

  2. I really like your idea about placing the objects in unusual spots to make people stop and consider why they are there. I love art that makes you think! Great pieces, all of these. I am especially drawn to the third piece. REALLY love it!