Sunday, May 8, 2011

Great mail! And how have you been?

I haven't made a blogpost in about a week. And it's not really because I've been busy. Moreso because I've been pretty bummed living in Ottawa, and really really homesick. And I stepped down on the patches yesterday, after four hard weeks of quitting, and after a hard week of moving, and that was about 1,000 times harder in itself.

But alas I am going to suck it up and make a blogpost! Because on Friday I recieved some great mail! I won a giveaway at Alanah's blog! She is sweet you should check it out. So I got the awesome hat she made and I love it. Look see!

Okay, so not the best photos in the world. Stupid cell phone. But. Super awesome hat! Check out her shop here and see all the lovely stuff she has for sale!

So, has anyone else had a rough week? Or had a great week? I wanna hear about it! How have you been?


  1. congrats on your win, it looks nice on you. Hope things get better soon and you won't be so homesick.

  2. I'm so unlucky. I swear I'll never win a giveaway! Congrats! I like that hat. It looks cute on ya!

  3. I never win anything! This hat looks too cute on you!

  4. Ah, love the pictures! Getting something good in the mail always makes me happy too. Hope your week starts looking up!

  5. congrats! I also just got a giveaway in the mail the other day, it so exciting to win things

    sorry your feeling down and out in Ottawa :( hope things look up soon