Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mi casa

So I've been living in this house for 3 weeks now and I haven't even showed you guys the area. Geeez.

It's a nice sunny day so I thought pictures were a good excuse for a stroll. So here is my house.

It's a three bedroom place. I live with three guys, all of whom are right on. But busy so a little scarce at times. I live on the cusp of chinatown.

This is literally a one or two minute walk from my house. I think it's pretty awesome. I went to that coffee shop, the one in the bottom picture with the orange sign, and got myself a delicious iced coffee. It's called Raw Sugar and it's an awesome little artsy place.

Of course living next to chinatown means living next to endless delicious food. I have discovered Pho which I had never tried before, and man the Vietnamese know their food. YUM.

I've also decided to make the most of my summer out here by getting a weeklong festival pass to the Ottawa bluesfest for the first week. Which includes Soundgarden, the Flaming Lips, Infected Mushroom, the Black Keys and the Tragically Hip just to name a few! Gonna be an awesome week. I'm breaking the bank buying it, so times are going to be tight for a bit!

Hopefully by the time the festival rolls around I will be able to afford to get a ticket to Death Cab for Cutie the following week too. *crosses fingers*


  1. thanks for the tour Lenore! The weather looks fabulous.

  2. Awww thats so amazing Lenore! Jealous that you live so close to Chinatown and delicious food, it looks so pretty. Double-jealous that you get to see all those amazing bands. Enjoy them :)

  3. I have never been to Bluesfest! I always say I am going to go - and then don't

  4. Chinatown? You must live close to some awesome shops with curry ingredients!