Sunday, March 6, 2011

Passé Composé

Alright so I skipped a few lists I've been busy.

The one for Friday was Today's Playlist. I don't have alot of music on my computer nowadays. So I was basically listening to one CD, which I've been rocking out to since the summer. It's called Dark was the Night. It has alot of really fantastic artists like Beirut, Cat Power, Sufjan Stevens, Kevin Drew, The Books, Spoon and sooo many more. It was released by Red Hot organization, dedicated to funding aids through pop culture. They're the ones who released the classic album No Alternative if anyone remembers! Awesome album. Look both those up. Anyways. So Friday's Playlist list:

Okay now today's list:
My Least Favorite Words:

In case you can't read some of the words themselves (because I used sparkly blue ink) they are: Pet Peeve, Panties, Lady-like, Cunny, Gross, Frumpy, Skin Flakes, Job Hunt, DJ and Hickey.

Anyways I have to get up at like SIX am which is insane. To go in and do my Second Language Assessment for French oh lord help me it's going to be hard. This is tough. So wish me luck. I will probably need it. 

<3 Lenore

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