Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So first off I changed some of my settings for my blog. Now people without a gmail or blogger account can comment. So all you b'ys who might read my blog, comment away!

Secondly, I have a little picture I made to share with you guys. It's like the last one, but instead of beers it's wine and liquor! And it's been painted.

I hate the cheers in the middle but I think the drinks are adorable. I will probably do another version. : )

Also check out Mullock Street Blog made by my favorite in life, Daniel. That is the house in St. John's I lived in for a year and half and miss dearly, and in my wake Daniel moved in so the house is even more perfect and made for me haha. Anyways all of the residents are hilarious! (And Gracie who is the most beautiful puss of them all) so keep an eye because I'm sure it'll be awesome.

Annnd I thought this was pretty funny. The three countries that do not use the metric system. Icu USA trying to be different. Just to screw shit up.

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  1. I like your licour image :) Like a pretty vintage poster.