Thursday, March 24, 2011

While this blog started as something that was going to be very personal it has slowly transformed into many other things. A way for my friends back home to know what I'm up to. A way to organize my thoughts and creative ideas and stuff I've worked on so I can look back on it as it progresses. And what I hope to turn it into: a way to network.

I've opened up an Etsy shop as I said before and I've been making some more things lately. I haven't posted much yet but I have alot of ideas flowing. But along with this I've been thinking about how to sell. And I know networking is a huge part of it. So as this goes on I will continue blogging and I've been reaching out in Etsy trying to find some more blogger friends. (I've found a few people who are making some amazing things, it makes me so happy to see people have such a love of creating. Check out some of the people I'm following!) I'm also going to try and network and make more friends with twitter (@Lenoracle) as well as my Art Project which is still on the go! (The object for the next piece is in th email on the way to me now, I couldn't be more excited. I will post a before picture as soon as I get it!). And once I get a scanner (as soon as my income taxes come in) I'll be trying to start up that webcomic too!

So as you can see I'm busy busy busy. I've also been researching companies that would print postcards/stickers/t-shirts/art prints to sell. This is all very pricey. Particularly the art prints, most places cost a fortune. If anyone knows of any reasonably priced websites to make prints of these things let me know! While I am concerned about quality, starting out as broke as I am, cost is my main concern.

I have been enjoying this creative motivated spurt lately. I've gotten back a feeling I haven't had since I graduated university almost two years ago. Ahhhhh I'm old. But anyways, I haven't had that feeling which is what kept me going for so long in two years. And it's back. It's so unexplainable, to have constant ideas flowing to the point where you can't keep them straight and everything you do grows 20 more ideas out of it and you can't spot creating and writing things down and thinking. Whatever art block I had for the last two years is finally gone! And now I have the time and motivation to do something with it. I could not be more excited.

I also want to thank my lovely Sarah for always being there with me, helping me research stuff and getting just as excited (if not more!!) as me about everything I'm doing. She's such a lovely crafty lady, and outknowledges me when it comes to blogs anyday. She's been such a great help. <3

On an unrelated note I'm almost finished the book Monster by Sanyika Shakur aka. Monster Kody Scott. It's an autobiography of an L.A. Gang member. It is soooo good. I have not been able to put it down. It's an amazing portrayal of gang life and the mindset of a gangster and then the transformation that he went through. I definitely suggest.

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  1. You are toooo precious, I dies with want and missing.

    Being in a new place and distractionless is alwaysss a good way to get the creative going, I am envious!

    And your special words make me all tingly and happy. Any help I can give, I am there! You're always the one who holds my pieces together when I'm falling apart. ♥

    Loves and misses! Wants my letter like woah!