Thursday, March 31, 2011


First off, me and Sarah were pretty bummed that 30 days of lists is over (albeit I never participated in alot but I did have fun with some). So we decided we're going to think up an art project for April! (Art April? : O) We were thinking weekly prompts, but stay tuned within the next few days to find out! Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Blaaah. I am beat out tonight. I made another set of coffee bean earrings (cooler ones) but have not had the energy the last two days to post them on Etsy yet. I can't wait for Friday at 3 pm when I am off for four days so I can get some more stuff done!

On a plus note I bought a big pad of watercolor paper today. Yay! So I can do lots of large watercolors. I've been trying to watercolor on cardstock which is terrible, it holds the water/paint so weird and buckles hardcore. I'm itching to get some oil painting in but I really don't have a setup for it.

In the meantime here's a little drawing I did last night. It's a naked lady smoking haha.
And I went to take this picture of everything I've been drawing/painting lately to give everyone/myself a roundabout idea....

When Mia'wj decided she wanted to check out what in the world I was paying attention to more than her.

Kitties are the cutest. <3

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