Friday, March 25, 2011

Banners and painting blogs

Check this out! Paint Party Friday is a blog someone started up where every Friday you can link to your blogpost with a picture of a finished painting or whatever painting you're working on. The idea is to get you motivated because you have people checking up on you once a week to keep you painting. I think it's a great idea! Reminds me of painting Sundays we used to have last summer. Kept me making art and kept me motivated. (MAN I miss those). So check it out, I will definitely be participating. I have linked here on the right side of my blog too.

I've been playing alot with my Etsy shop and my blog here too. I made some banners (I think I finally like the one I have here now, the last one was kind of crappy) and I posted a few more things on Etsy. Now I'm pumped to get something for Objects for art to update that too!

Anyone who I told about my grandmother being in the hospital here's an update: she's out. I was talking to her today. My parents said she hasn't been the best but she sounded great and was in good spirits chatting away on the phone. She doesn't need oxygen anymore, just a puffer, which is a great relief because that was a huge possibility. Jeez she's the most resilient 92-year-old ever.


  1. Your blog is becoming more and more you-ish. ♥

    Man, your nan be one tough cookie! Holy cowww. I'm glad to hear she's doing better!


  2. Wow, 92 that's really something.

    new follower, found you on the etsy business team. I can be found at

  3. Yeah, I checked it out! I'm already following, I love your pendents. : )