Sunday, March 27, 2011

Politics n Books.

First off check out Vote Compass for the Federal election. It asks you your views on a series of topics then tells you what political party you're most like, and even shows you a cool graphic of where you lie. Apparently I'm most like the Green party. Randomly?

Also I haven't been keeping up with 30 days of lists the whole month as I've been a bit busy and some of them didn't inspire me as much as others. Also it'd be better if I had a scanner rather than take crappy pictures of stuff I write out. But today's was Books I'd like to read this year and I couldn't pass that one up! I made it in paint.

Of course that's not exactly all of them, but it's what I could think of off the top of my head.

Also my bridesmaids dress for my brothers wedding is in! It's gorgeous. If fits me really well except has to be taken in around my armpits (and shortened like a foot haha. Short me : ( )

Meanwhile I am off the next two days so I'm going to be doing some stuff for my Etsy shop and hopefully start a painting for Paint Party Friday so I can participate this week. Creativity at it's finest!

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