Friday, April 1, 2011


Yay used my new watercolor paper tonight! The feel of a new giant pad of watercolor paper is sooo good. So many possibilities. I already painted something! Will share in future.

My grandmother is back in the hospital. :/ Along with a lack of oxygen they discovered she has fluid around her heart. They're hoping that they can get rid of it through a mask but more may have to be done. So my trip hope I've been raving about this summer may be sooner rather that later, so I can get a chance to see her.

I finally posted my new coffee bean earrings on my etsy shop. I think they turned out pretty neat!
Also Sarah and I have made some solid plans for Art April. We are going to have weekly prompts on Saturdays and anyone who wants to join in will have a week to finish and post their response to our prompts! All are exceptionally encouraged to join. SO please pop into one of our blogs this Saturday and check out the first prompt! Are you excited? We're excited! : D
<3 Lenore

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  1. I want them!!! Such an awesome idea, Lenore.