Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fat old cats.

Still in Stephenville. It is ultra boring. Whur all my b'ys gone? Geez.
Things are pretty much the same with my Gram.

Anyways my parents have two cats. One is 10 and was mine (but stayed here of course) and he is FAT. So I felt I should show his ultimate obeisity to you all. His name is Pudder. <3

He's fat but I love him!!!! 
I'm currently working on my piece for me and Sarah's project grow for our Art April. I will post tomorrow. I hope someone is joining in and making something with us!!! If you do please comment and leave us a link.  : ) 

Also since I am near a scanner YAYY I posted one of my original watercolors on my Etsy shop. I'm selling this original postcard sized watercolor. I think it turned out pretty great.


  1. Your cat. Is very. VERY. Fat.

  2. Aww! Can I share cupcakes with kitty? ^_^

    But seriously, I love fat cats!

  3. holy crap! i can't believe how big your cat is!

  4. Haha you should share cupcakes with him! He used to rip muffin bags open in the middle of the night and eat them hahaha.

  5. Ah! I <3 fat cats. I had a cat named gree (affectionately nick-named Greesters). He was so fat, but the giggly kind, not the solid kind like the big boy pictured above.

    I remember the sound of his belly sweeping the floor as he trotted along.

    I miss him. :(

  6. lol his head looks so small on his body!

  7. you're a fine artist. I'd join in your challenge, but I'm already committed to 3 others and feel it would be too much for me right now.

    Your cat is sooo big. I saw a dog like that recently, I forget where. Probably walking around the neighbourhood with its owner.