Sunday, April 17, 2011

Response to grow week 2: Giveaway!!!

So, I said I would post my response to last week's grow prompt last night but I was beat when I got home from work. So here it is!

Last week was:
Grow a friendship: make something for someone

And I thought who better to make something for than you guys!! So I'm having my first Giveaway. Excitement. I figured it'd be nice to grow a new friendship. Not to mention, I make stuff for my friends all the time anyways.

So this is a little watercolor on post-card sized cardstock (4"x6"). The picture is terrible because I do not have a scanner (and will not be able to afford one considering my hours just got cut at work >: (). Looks way better in person, I promise.

 So if you want you can do one of many things!
1) Tweet a link to this giveaway or to our grow project (@Lenoracle so I see it) then comment your twitter name here so I know who it was. : )
2) Blog about this giveaway or our grow project. (Comment link here)
3) Make something for this weeks prompt and post the link here.
4) Follow my blog if you already don't (and I will follow back. : )) And comment here that you'd like to be included for the giveaway.

And for each of theses things you'll get an entry for this little watercolor! Anyone is eligible! And I'll add in a little extra surprise with it too, plus a letter in case you want to write back.

I will draw for it April 30th which is also the last day of our grow project. : )

As for last weeks prompt here is what Sarah made. A card for lovely Robyn.

And what Margot made. Cute little bean bags to absorb water from your shoes and things!
And as other people finish things up I will post them too.

Lenore <3


  1. I am commenting because I already follow you (but I still want to win the giveaway):o

  2. So glad to have found your blog today, sweetie! Love meeting fellow crafters...yea for making things! Your mini-water color turned out so lovely! Love that you dressed Mr. Owl in a tie!!!!


    {following you!}

    xx Cat brideblu

  3. So sweet, came & made a comment because I think that watercolour is so delicate & sweet and I am only too happy to follow you & watch your artistic progress :)