Monday, April 25, 2011

Elections omy

Elections drawing near and look at this madness!!!

Go NDP! (Of course the polls are all over the place but it's great to see none the less). Hopefully this will encourage all of the people on the NDP/Liberal fence who essentially do not want the Conservatives in to actually vote NDP. (I am on that fence myself. But would far prefer NDP over Liberals). Anywho a week and we'll see! 

I have been mad busy, we've had lots of company and am moving soon of course! So sadly I haven't been able to make too much art. But soon I will be in the city and hopefully good things come of it. 

So a couple questions for you guys. Which direction do you think the Canadian election will go? 

And is anyone from in/around Ottawa? (Or somewhere in Ontario).



  1. So exciting!!! GO NDP.

    The election will go Conservative sadly. Thankfully it's not looking like a majority though.

    I hope you'll have internet at your new place!

  2. The Little engine that could :) Go Team Layton!

  3. How exciting. I wish that we could see a third party rise here in the US.