Saturday, April 30, 2011

Final Grow prompt and Giveaway winner and last weeks response!

Sarah and I have our final week for our Grow project which has certainly come a long way! We of course started it to keep us motivated and making stuff! And some great stuff has come out of it. Not just from us, but other people as well! So thanks for anyone who played along. : )

For the last week we decided to do something big. We're having an Artist trading card swap! Wanna know more about them? Check out one of Sarah's blogposts for more info.

So here's the basics:
- It's a tiny piece of art to be traded and collected, like a baseball or hockey card!
- ATCs MUST be 2.5" by 3.5", no exceptions (then they can fit in those card-collector sheets - cooool).
- You can use any sort of materials: pen, marker, crayons, paints, stamps, stickers, even cloth and string!

 The theme of the cards will be Grow! You can interpret this in any way you wish!

So want to participate? Please do! The more the merrier. : D To participate:
- Email Sarah at atlanticatlantis(at)gmail(dot)com and let us know you want in! (I am leaving the responsibility to her as it will be easier for one person to handle all the e-mails)
- She will then pair people up to swap with one another.
- Send the ATC, and enjoy the unique piece of art that is sent to you!

So contact us by next Saturday (May 7th) to be included! Then Sarah will organize the swap partners over the weekend and get back to you and we can get the ball rolling. So excited!

Now as you know I had a Giveaway posted for one of our prompts.

The winner of the Giveaway is Cat from brideblu!!!
Congrats! E-mail me at with your address and I'll send the painting along to you. : )

Lastly, my response to last weeks prompt! Which was grow your style, make something in a style you don't usually use .
So I never use photography! Well I do to take snapshots of drinking with my friends times or my stuff to put up on Etsy. But through artschool I never touched photography, I did all hands on stuff like printmaking, sculpture and painting. The cost was one part of it, but I also find it a difficult medium. Where it's so easy for anyone to pick up a camera nowadays it's SO hard to stand out from the crowd. And from the people I did VA with, while they were talented artists, when it came to their photography it was good but nothing spectacular. Because so many people do photography.

So I took my phone (as sadly I don't even have a working camera anymore. *Sigh* I miss the times when I had my dads SLR at my disposal) and ventured to the creek with the dog and took some pictures. So sadly they are not the best quality but I was as artsy as I could be!
The funny thing is my dad is a photographer. Well. He works for a newspaper as a photographer and journalist. He's a good photographer too! He also takes some of his own pictures and does photography for weddings. So between him being a photographer/journalist and my mom being a florist most of her life and painting on the side, I guess you can see where some of my creativity came from!

So as you can see these photographs are nothing spectacular. But it was fun! Going out with the express purpose of finding nice things to photograph really gets you looking at things. You realize the beauty in the little scenes around you and you cut our little squares of beauty in everything. I loved the contrast of the yellow of this tree against the blue sky.

And it gave me some good ideas for paintings. So what I might do is take more photographs of stuff and rework them for paintings at home!
By the way this park is two houses down from our house and the creek that runs by it runs by the back of the house. So nice to take the dog there! It's such a pretty spot. I will be glad to be able to visit in the summer.

Here I am throwing out my coffee cup. I thought the colorful trashcan was pretty cool!
So all in all I had fun doing it! But I don't think I'd ever use it as my creative medium. Like I said, hard to do something that stands out. But I hope you liked my little photographs anyways! And of course. I couldn't be all artsy and serious with Monty standing there being so cute.
So cuuute!

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  1. seriously good photographs. I only ever take photos with my smart phone these days anyway.