Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Green peps and loose girls

I am back in Ontario! Dreading work tomorrow. But it was 23 degrees here today, so that is uplifting.

I had to share this best picture ever my brother found at our parents house. My favorite part is what he titled it.

Gram saving Lenore from vegetables
Sooooooo cute. This is me as a baby and my Gram evidentally saving me from a green pepper! Priceless. 
Also, still quit smoking! 35 and a half hours down THE REST OF MY LIFE TO GO. AHHH

On another note I finished a book while flying home today. It's called Loose Girl: a memoir of promiscuity  by Kerry Cohen.

I seriously feel every girl should read this book. Now if you know me, from the title alone you could probably understand how it relates to me. But I think this book relates to every female. It is non-fiction, totally true account of this womans life.

When I first read the back, I was weary that it would be preachy. And I was defensive. But upon reading the book, I have never related and been so moved by something. 

It's all about how growing up she was obsessed with boys, and obsessed with finding a boyfriend and was really needy and often slept around just to get that feeling, and held on to boyfriends she didn't even like just for the feeling of being loved. She felt that her value as a person was defined by boys. In the book she is never self-pitying, it is written very well and relatably. And it made me realize things that I have realized about my past life many times before, but she puts alot of it into words I couldn't have.

In the end she does gain independence, but not in a self-help sort of way, moreso in an awareness of her actions. And she says she's not a miraculously fixed person, she is just aware of where these feelings are coming from.

Anyways I could never properly explain the greatness of this book, please read! I only wish that I had read this when I was 14 rather than 24, when I needed alot more of this explained to me and most of the hurdles she went through I hadn't already painstakingly dealt with myself.

And if anyone has read or decides to read please drop me a line and tell me what you think! I miss being able to pass around books to my friends so we can chat about them. Need some more book convos in my life. 

<3 Lenore



  1. That sounds like a good book, and I'm looking for something new to read.

    Also, that photo is AWESOME SAUCE.

  2. sounds like an interesting read! I will have to check it our

  3. great book report. congrats on the smoking, don't give up.

  4. I've always wanted to read that book! I'm glad you gave it a top-notch review, that makes me feel even more motivated. Adore the picture of you and your gram, and you're doing wicked with ze smoking, or lack thereof. Keep it up honey!

  5. Awesome idea to share books and book ideas, I also miss it as I studied creative writing in college and adore a good book club ;o). A book I'm loving right now is Island, truly life changing ;o). Thanks so much for your sweet insight and I'll have to look into reading your suggestion ;o)

    much love,

  6. that book sounds right up my alley! i'll have to check it out on my break when MUN isn't raping me : )

    So proud of you for not cracking yet!

  7. Love the photo of you and the green pepper, too! :)

    Mary C. Nasser