Thursday, April 14, 2011


Ahhh I want a smoke. I had a horrible day at work (they cut my fricken hours... I was only getting like 18 a week as it is.... and I just spent $700 on a plane ticket to go home and lost a weeks worth of work. I am SO sick of being poor and treated like crap as an employee) and I have never wanted a smoke so bad ever. Stressing out sooo much, even the gum is not helping.

Anyways this will be a quick blogpost. First off Alanah is having a giveaway of this gorgeous hat that I die for.

I want. So check out her giveaway!!! And also her Etsy shop. Gorgeous things. : )

Anywho I'm just going to end this off with a little comic for your amusement.

Lenore <3

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  1. funny cartoon! Don't give up...!! rooting for you.