Saturday, April 23, 2011

Response to grow week 3!!

Here is my response to this weeks Grow prompt! Which was Grown: make art or craft a memory to show how you've grown. (Don't forget to check out my giveaway from last weeks prompt. I'll draw for it in a week!)

When I was home my brother and I were looking through alot of pictures and my brother scanned some. One of my favorites from when I was a kid is this one.

Me pulling on my brothers hair. So cute! Okay so granted I can't remember this actual picture being taken, I can remember looking at it with family all while growing up. It reminded me of all the roughhousing my brother and I used to do (He's 5 years older than me) and we used to fight alot and didn't always get along. Now here we are over 20 years later living together. Who would've thought!

So here is the sketchy I drew from this. (Once again terrible quality, no scanner.) And I also decided to post it at my Etsy shop exemplifying pencil sketches of pictures I could do for people. Good idea?

The only other response I've seen so far this week is Margot plants a tree from memories from her past. She also gives instructions! Check it out here!

So if anyone else has done anything (for this week or any previous weeks) comment on this post and I will post it tomorrow! Also of course it is officially Saturday so you can expect Sarah and I will have a new Grow prompt for you in the afternoon! So stay tuned. : ) 



  1. Awe! I love this. I wish that I could draw...but can't to save my life. Lovely post.
    Also, thank you for dropping by my blog and following! I really appreciate your readership!

  2. Happy Easter! Good job drawing your photo.