Monday, April 4, 2011


SO! I am in Stephenville. I ate some Domino's (not the chain, the specific Stephenville pizza place that is godly delicious), drank some India beer (pale ale, locally brewed) and visited my Gram. Gram is stable right now, we're waiting for some news. I'm really glad I've been getting to see her. I saw a few friends and got drunk with the fam tonight. Now here I am drunk at 1 am and the fam all Poped out and went to bed. I'm thinking I might pop over to doms for another slice haha.

The good news about home (besides doms and india beer) is that my parents have a scanner, so I brought some art and comics to scan. I'm about halfway through. So here's a random comic! Tell me what you think. (The main reason I like this one is because I think the drawing itself it good. But criticism will be welcomed.)

I have not started the grow project yet. : ( Sadly it will probably just be pen because all my art supplies are in Ontario. But I once I have a bit more free time I will start it and finish it by next prompt for sure. Don't forget Saturday to check for next weeks Art April project! And post what you did this week. <3
Oh and I also went and revamped my old Deviantart that I started eight years ago. I haven't been on it in 4 years but I deleted all the embarassing stuff (oh what we do when we're 14 haha. Especially my writing) and I'm starting to post new stuff. So if you have a DA check me out! 

<3 Lenore


  1. HAHAHA. Love it. I knew that was LoraPope even from a distance. Comic perfection. ♥

  2. That's funny. I like it! It's totally something that would happen in real life. :-)