Saturday, April 2, 2011

First week of Art April! "Grow"

Before the unveiling of Art April I have some bad news. My grandmother is back in the hospital, her oxygen is down and she has fluid around her heart and lungs. She's 92 so the outlook is not so good. : ( So my brother and I decided to go home and see her sooner rather than later. We are flying out to Stephenville this evening and I'll be there just over a week.

On the upside! It is time for the unveiling of Art April! Me and the lovely Sarah were so down over the fact that 30 days of lists was over that we decided to make our own little art project for April to keep ourselves inspired and creative.

Everyone is encouraged (if not pestered!) to join along. Every Saturday we will have a prompt and we (and hopefully some people who join in) will post our reply to it within a week (by the next prompt).

The general theme for Art April is "Grow". Grow in the sense of spring and growing in the sense of ourselves.

This week the project is that first start with a blank piece of paper with a quarter-sized circle on it. Like this:
Then draw (or paint or collage, however you'd like to do it) something growing out of it. Anything, any way you can interpret it!

So join us with Art April because we're totally excited. When you're done you can comment on my blog or Sarah's to share and keep an eye out for what we do. : )

Oh and here's an adorable picture of my Gram that I'm flying in to see. She's the cutest.

<3 Lenore



    Your Gram is precious adorable, hope she gets better soon. <3

  2. I've only just discovered you via PPF but just wanted to send get well wishes to your Gran and strength to you.

    Kat X

  3. Aw bless your wee gran. Am sorry to hear she's in hospital. She looks so sweet. I'm really intrigued with art April and the circle. Do you do a different painting each week all starting with a circle or does it change? I think i'd like to give it a go if i can find a few more spare hours!

  4. Thanks for all the well wishes.

    Pointypix: This weeks is the circle we're going to have a different project every week. The general theme is "Grow" for the whole month though. : )

  5. awww your grandma is so sweet <3 I hope she makes it, she's such a trooper.
    P.S. I did the first prompt and it was really fun :D I love you guys!!!
    Miss you <333 hope I get your next letter soonly.